Why You Can't Just Buy a Drone and Take to the Skies We know them as drones.

The authorities like to call them by their proper name: Unmanned Aircraft Systems or UAS. Flying civilian drones has really taken off in recent times-pun intended.

The technology and growing availability of drones caught US authorities off guard. Until recently, they had no idea how to manage them. All they knew was that drone flying could not go on unregulated.

In the meantime, folks continued to snap up drones online or from high-street stores and take to the skies. You still can, but new rules and regulations now dictate what you can fly and where.

This guide was written to help people navigate the complex laws surrounding drones. This guide is kept up to date to make sure you have accurate information.

This guide will be updated over time with new content, images, and embedded videos to keep you informed.

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