Colorado Air and Space Port Adds New Deicing Equipment for More Effective Winter Weather Servicing

Colorado Air and Space Port (CASP), which is owned and operated by Adams County, has added additional deicing capabilities to its services with the new arrival of Polar Aircraft Deicer’s Arctic Fox. CASP employees will complete a comprehensive training and certification program on aircraft deicing and follow strict protocol to operate the new equipment.

The Arctic Fox deicing trailer is equipped with a 34-foot boom, allowing for more efficient deicing of large aircraft. Housing both Type I and Type IV fluid, CASP will be able to apply Type I moments before takeoff, swiftly removing ice and snow. Type IV anti-icing fluid can be applied after Type I, which prevents ice from forming.

“Our commitment to infrastructure advancement is on display at CASP with the introduction of this new cutting-edge airport deicing equipment,” said Emma Pinter, Chair of the Board of Commissioners. “This new deicer will help CASP make their operations more efficient and make our facility more attractive to pilots and aircraft owners.”

Developed and designed by a team with more than 30 years of experience in aircraft deicing operations, the towable Arctic Fox deicing trailer is affordable, versatile due to its articulated aerial lift, has low operating costs, and is equipped with stainless steel tanks. Designed specifically for small airports and FBOs, the Arctic Fox is towable with most airport vehicles, making it a logical fit for CASP’s fast-growing operations.

“Offering this essential service during the winter months is paramount for our customers,” said Leslie Brown, FBO Manager at CASP. “They can rest assured knowing we provide this critical support to maintain the safety and performance of their aircraft in adverse weather conditions.”

Contact CASP’s front desk on CFO UNICOM frequency 122.95 MHz to let them know your arrival time and arrange for refueling, deicing, or other drop-in services. Visit for more information on other full-service offerings available at CASP. For more information on the technical specs of the Arctic Fox, visit