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Spaceport License Information

Colorado Air and Space Port Site Operator License Approved

On August 17, 2018, Colorado Air and Space Port announced the Federal Aviation Administration approved its site operator license, a major step forward in establishing a spaceport in Adams County. To learn more about the future of Colorado Air and Space Port, see our Frequently Asked Questions.


Last April we changed the Horizontal Launch Vehicle focus of the Colorado Air and Space Port license to the Concept X, dual propulsion type vehicle. We determined in an April meeting with the FAA that the Concept Y vehicle was proving to be too challenging for the FAA to complete airspace analysis on and, with the FAA’s very strong support, agreed to change to the Concept X. The FAA has taken the lead on helping us to make the necessary changes to the Environmental Assessment (EA) and conducted the airspace analysis for the new spacecraft type. The FAA held an Environmental Assessment Scoping Meeting on June 13, 2017 at Front Range Airport that was a very positive success. The focus of the meeting was to make sure stakeholders and members of the public who might be impacted by the change had an opportunity to hear about the EA and ask questions. In the stakeholder portion that was held in the morning we had representatives from all of the interested FAA lines of business as well as United Airlines, Buckley AFB, and DEN. There was excellent discussion including questions on the specifics of operations from United and DEN and we were very encouraged to see the problem solving approach taken by all of the participants. In the evening public event the FAA gave an in-depth presentation of the changes and the EA and there were no questions from those in attendance, only positive supporting comments. We continued to move forward on the application and LOA changes as well and have regular conference calls with the FAA that included the Office of Commercial Space, ATC, and other FAA lines of business as appropriate concerning the progress on the airspace analysis and the ATC LOA.



Looking west from Colorado Air and Space Port.

Space Port View West

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Colorado Air and Space Port enjoys bipartisan support from Colorado’s Congressional Delegation, members of the Colorado State Delegation, municipal and aerospace leaders, and thousands of residents excited about the potential for 21st century jobs and 21st century dreams.

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