The goal of the FTG tower team is to provide each pilot a safe flying environment and deliver great customer service. These tower tips are provided to help us work together to meet that goal.

Please feel free to email or call me at 303.261.9501. I welcome your input so we can continue to improve our services. I invite you to complete a quick survey to give your views of the service provided you by FTG tower.

Eugene Torres
Colorado Air and Space Port Tower Manager


  • Remember to turn your radio volume up before you call for taxi and never turn it down while operating within the Class Delta airspace or on the movement areas.
  • Know what you need to say before you key your mic. It is not required for you to establish communications before you make your request so on initial call tell the tower/ground the following information:
    • Who you are
    • Where you are
    • The ATIS code
    • What you want to do
  • Listen to the frequency before you transmit. If you hear tower/ground issue instructions to another aircraft wait for that aircraft to respond before you call unless you have an emergency or imminent situation that requires immediate attention.
  • The tower is required to get a read back of all runway assignments, clearances and hold short instructions. Your read back is NOT complete without your call sign.
  • At times FTG tower is operating with a single controller. Be patient - the controller may need to set priorities but will respond to you in time.
  • After initial call up you may drop your full call sign and just say your type and the last 3 digits. This reduces frequency congestion.
  • Inform ATC if unable to comply with an instruction issued. The controllers will plan other actions around your ability to comply with an instruction.
  • Inform ATC if you do not understand a control instruction. We have no problem rephrasing instructions and talking it out untill we are all on the same page.
  • If you want other than a landing clearance let the tower know. A clearance to land is not a clearance to do a touch and go, etc., separation standards change depending on the type of operation.
  • When exiting the runway continue forward until your aircraft is past the hold line.
  • "Roger" lets the tower know that you heard them. Use "Affirmative" and "Negative" to answer yes and no.
  • By Letter of Agreement, Denver TRACON controls the airspace 7000' above FTG. When arriving or departing VFR remain at or below 6900'.

Have a safe and enjoyable flight.